Some Assembly Required

Some Assembly Required


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Notes by Ryan Plunkett

56 pages, Softback

Published in Chicago © 2016

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This is the first project by Chicago based magician, Ryan Plunkett. These notes includes 6 highly original routines detailed in 56 pages with 36 custom illustrations. The foreword was written by Singapore's Harapan Ong. 



1. Patet Pondus is a utility concept that gives the illusion of producing or vanishing a deck of cards from an empty card case. Included are two routines using the concept. 

2. The Mexican-American War is an adaptation of Paul Curry's effect "Touch." Three predictions are placed on the table and any three cards are selected. The predictions are then revealed to match the selections. 

3. Stock Lines takes a game by Harapan Ong and explores it's magical potential. 

4. Pac-Man Sam is a clever take on Stickman Sam. A card is selected, signed, and lost into the pack. A Pac-Man card is introduced and begins to jump through the deck in search of the selection; only to run into surprising twists and turns along the way. 

5. Ms. Pac-Man is a simplified handling of Pac-Man Sam by Justin Purcell. 

6. Fly By Night is a three-fly for the visually impaired. Three different colored disks roughly 2 1/2 inches in diameter jump from hand to hand.



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