Ryan C. Plunkett
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Ryan C. Plunkett
Chicago-Based Close-Up Magician
Ryan is a devious sleight of hand artist with an effortless charm who presents cunning miracles with an air of biting wit and relaxed sophistication.
— Joseph Cranford - Owner of The Chicago Magic Lounge


The Close-Up Magic of Ryan Plunkett


Ryan is a Chicago-based close-up magician who has been performing for the past two decades. Ryan is also a highly sought-after magic consultant and magic creator. He is a published author as well as the Head Magician and Founding Ensemble Member of the Chicago Magic Lounge, and has also recently performed at The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California. Ryan's performance consists of an evening of striking and elegant magic presented in a charming and easy-going style. Ryan specializes in a style of magic that is personal and intimate and demands to be seen close-up. 


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Ryan has recently performed for the following companies 

Elegant. Refined. Moderately Impulsive.

I was visited by the terrific Ryan Plunkett
— Chris Jones - Theatre Critic for the Chicago Tribune

See Ryan Plunkett in Action

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Ryan Plunkett is the Production Manager, Head Magician, and Founding Ensemble Member of The Chicago Magic Lounge. You can join Ryan every Tuesday through Saturday.

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Magic is meant to be seen up-close and personal. No matter what the occasion, Ryan Plunkett will have your guests smiling from ear-to-ear.